Important Probate Rules Everyone Should Know

When a person dies, what happens next depends on whether the deceased person had any foundational estate planning documents such as a Last Will and Testament (otherwise known as a Will) or trust, who the living relatives are, and their relationship to the person who...


Our goal at Ibis Legacy Law, LLC is to help individuals and families plan ahead to minimize complications in the administration of their estates.  However, we also recognize that not everyone plans ahead, so we are here to help minimize the delays associated with some of the most common reasons for delays in a probate estate.

Q & A on Probate Basics in Ohio

What is Probate? Probate is the legal process in which a deceased person's will is validated, their assets are identified, debts are paid off, and the remaining property is distributed to their beneficiaries. What is an Executor? An executor, also known as a personal...

Slicing Your Estate Planning Pi(e)

With only a few possible exceptions, you are free to use your estate plan to slice up your wealth for the benefit of anyone you choose. Some common beneficiaries you may choose are spouses or other significant others—such as your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner—and children.