Unique Gift Ideas that Benefit You Too

You may associate the month of December with giving holiday gifts, but it is also a great time for you to think about the valuable estate planning opportunity presented by year-end gift giving. In making lifetime gifts, you can experience the pleasure of providing immediate benefits to your loved ones while shaping your legacy, for example, by funding a loved one’s education or starting a family tradition of charitable giving. There are several advantageous ways for you to make year-end gifts. Read more by clicking the link here.

Have You Made New Year’s Resolutions?

A new year is a great time to start fresh and implement positive changes that will enhance our lives. Many of us want to lose weight, spend more time with friends and family, eat healthier, learn a new skill, or save money. Although we can implement these goals anytime, the beginning of the new year is often a good starting point to help us measure our progress.

There are pros and cons to setting New Year’s resolutions, and people have varying opinions about their helpfulness. People who have a favorable attitude towards New Year’s resolutions often point out the following benefits: Read more by clicking the link here.

Different Types of Charitable Giving

The end of the year is a great time for you to think about donating to charity. Donations not only aptly express the generosity associated with the holiday season, but they help worthy organizations and allow you to save on taxes by claiming a charitable deduction. While most people think of donating cash or financial accounts, donating property can be advantageous as well. For helpful charitable giving ideas, click the link here.